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3-in-1 Advanced Smoothing System

Features & Benefits | Who Should Use It | What's In The Box | How To Use It

ELLA is safe and gentle multi-functional at-home system featuring epilation, lady shaver and pedicure functions. As a hair removal system, it addresses unwanted body hair by removing hair for silky smooth skin for up to 6 weeks. As a pedicure device it targets rough and callused areas of skin on the feet to provide instantly softer, smoother, and brighter skin.

Its easy interchangeable system of treatment heads is what allows ELLA this multifunction capability, all to help you achieve ultimate skin smoothness with the minimum discomfort and work on your part.

Instantly Improve Both The Look And Feel of Your Skin With ELLA!

Features & Benefits

 3-in-1 Skin Smoothing Treatment

  • The Coarse Filing / Smoothing Head utilizes diamond crystals as abrasive particles to provide professional-grade exfoliation and removes the bulk of rough skin quickly and easily.
  • The Fine File / Smoothing Head utilizes smaller diamond crystals to provide a smoothing polish and soft feel to the feet.
  • The Epilator Head is comprised of 32 tweezers that enable effective and quick epilation with minimal discomfort by removing hair from one direction to prevent ingrown hairs and to avoid discomfort.
  • The Lady Shaver is a fine, gentle hair removal head to use on the most sensitive parts of your skin.

 360 Degree Rotating Head of the Pedicure Filing Heads

  • Makes pedi-skin smoothing quick and easy. Place ELLA over the affected area and allow the 360-degree rotating head do all the work for you.

Additional Features

Simple On/Off Power Switch

  • Designed for today’s busy man and woman. Easy On/Off Power Switch so you can avoid trying to follow complicated directions.

Sleek Handle Design

  • Sleek and Chic molded handle fits securely in the palm of your hand for comfort and ease of use during treatment.

USB Rechargeable

  • Charged by the included USB cord. Enjoy total cord-free range of motion during treatments and never waste money or time purchasing batteries.

Travel-Friendly / In-flight Safety Compliance

  • ELLA is powered by a USB rechargeable NiMH battery that is safe for travel in carry-on luggage or checked baggage (lithium-free).

Mini Cleaning Brush

  • Quickly brush away debris for hassle-free device maintenance after a treatment.

    Who Should Use It?

    All Skin Types.

      VIVA before and after foot treatment

         Consumer Research Study: The skin smoothing pedicure technology of ELLA has been reported by an independent testing facility to provide the following results after 14 days of use:

        What's In The Box:

        • ELLA Advanced Skin Smoothing Tool
        • 1 Coarse File/Smoothing Head
        • 1 Fine File/Smoothing Head
        • 1 Epilator Head
        • 1 Lady Shaver
        • Mini Cleansing Brush
        • USB Charging Cord*
        • Operating Manual

        *Please note recommended for use only with 5V 1A or 5V 2A wall charger or via USB slot on your personal computer. Any wall charger with different specs can cause the unit to overheat.

            How To Use It:

            Please refer to the included Operating Manual before first use.

            How To Clean:

            Cleaning your ELLA is easy!

            • Included in your ELLA kit is 1 Mini Cleansing Brush to quickly brush away debris for hassle-free device maintenance after a treatment.
            • ELLA Treatment Attachments are removed by pressing the ‘eject’ button located beneath where the attachment connects to the handle.