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Blogger NOVA Fall Campaign


Spa Sciences is thrilled that you would like to be a part of our newest Fall campaign "Bring The Spa Home"!

Bring The Spa Home is about inspiring everyone to feel more beautiful and confident in their skin. With the help of our innovative, cruelty-free beauty tools that get you spa results in the comfort of your own home. Our tools help to improve every skin type whether you are a Gen X or a millennial because flawless skin is achievable, and affordable for anyone.

Campaign Goal:
When you are creating your content for this campaign, I want you to keep in mind that the point of this campaign is to help inspire everyone to feel more confident in their own skin with the help of our innovative and cruelty-free beauty tools. Our tools help to improve every skin type, no matter your age.

Flawless skin is possible for any at any age, and we want to spark confidence and join everyone together. The message you send across to your fans should capture your experience and thoughts on our tools. Along with what makes it work for you, how it benefited your skin and how those results made you feel about yourself.

For Fall we are also looking for some super fun Halloween and Holiday inspired looks. We would love to see you take off your spooky, sexy and cool makeup with the NOVA!

Campaign Details (PLEASE READ):
Spa Sciences wants you to share your honest experience using the NOVA with your audience. Speak, or use text overlays, on how you use the beauty tool in your routine, why you love it, how it is gentle on the skin, how fast it takes off a full face of makeup and how it is affordable. Obviously not all of these points will be hit, so just choose a few to focus on! Also, how it helps to get a professional-like treatment from at-home devices.

Please note: For any skin care tool, if you have on a full-face of makeup in this shot the photo will not be approved, unless you begin with a face of makeup with the NOVA and end with a clean face. The message of this campaign is to show off your natural beauty and demonstrate how at home skin care tools have helped you become more confident in showing off your natural beauty. However. If you have to cover up scarring or acne, we ask that you create a “no-makeup” type look that is as natural as possible for the the makeup brush a glam look is acceptable.

Can't wait to get you your NOVA!

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