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2 in 1

SIMA saves you time by allowing you to remove unwanted facial hair while providing an expert exfoliating treatment. SIMA is a quick, easy, painless solution for rejuvenation and peach fuzz removal.

Instant Results
You Can See

Seriously, look at these results. This is after one use of SIMA. Facial hair and dead skin come off easily and painlessly so that you can see your beautiful and smooth skin underneath all that fuzz.

1/6th the Price
of Competitors

With SIMA being $170 less than the price of its compeditors, coming with extra blades and fully USB rechargeable it’s a no brainer that you’ll get the value you are looking for with a device that is made to last.

Makeup Goes On
Smoother Than Ever

After using SIMA, your skin will glow like never before. You won’t believe how much easier it is to put on your makeup after you take off that peach fuzz and dead skin that creates a barrier in which your makeup sits on top of. Get longer lasting makeup, every day.

Hair Never Grows
Back Quicker or

When you use SIMA correctly, small strokes downwards at a 45º angle, you don’t have to worry about your peach fuzz growing back quicker or thicker, ever. SIMA makes a normally expensive treatment, painless and easy.


Get a sonic dermaplaning and exfoliation device, 7 weeks of treatment blades and USB charger for only $25 with your $5 off coupon SAVE5 and see your true skin.

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