Bring The Spa Home With Sonic Dermaplaning

Bring The Spa Home With Sonic Dermaplaning

Struggling with dead skin or peach fuzz on your face? Or simply just looking for a smoother and more radiant look? You’re not alone. You can add sonic dermaplaning into your skin care routine in the comfort of your own home thanks to the SIMA by Spa Sciences.

What Is Dermaplaning? 

Dermaplaning is a spa procedure involving instantly removing unwanted facial hair, debris and dead skin on the face. Dermaplaning is a safe and easy exfoliation treatment which removes the top layer of skin where dirt and oil is trapped. Removing this top layer of skin allows skin care products to be more effective. The result of this treatment makes the skin look and feel smoother while also reducing the appearance of acne scars. Many people love dermaplaning because it is known to be the most effective same day skin rejuvenation treatment without any “downtime” after use. 

Spa Sciences Sonic Dermaplaning Device - SIMA

The Spa Sciences SIMA is a revolutionary, professional grade at-home dermaplaning device that is safe and hygienic. The SIMA will leave your face as a clean canvas allowing a flawless makeup application. Using the SIMA once a week will result in professional-grade skin smoothing and hair removal. The SIMA is safe and effective for all skin types and tones. 

After one use, you will experience softer, brighter, smoother and a more youthful complexion. According to Spa Sciences consumer research study, after one single use 100% reported that their skin felt softer, smoother and that the device was simple to use. 


“I got the Spa Sciences Sima about a month ago and I’m obsessed! It’s better than I expected! Love the Mint color and the comfort of the tool itself makes it easy to use. Especially in those hard to reach spots. It worked effortlessly, left my skin baby soft, and came with 6 extra blades!” - Spa Sciences Verified Customer.


Benefits Of Dermaplaning With SIMA 

  • The SIMA has 3 speed settings so you are able to personalize your at-home dermaplaning session. 
  • This device features sonic speeds of 250+ beats per second. This allows removal of unwanted facial hair and enlarged pores while improving the appearance of uneven skin tones, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The SIMA features a soft rubber coating for a more comfortable and easy use.
  • The SIMA comes with a 7 week supply of specifically designed safety-modified dermaplaning heads for a simple, effective and painless process.




    “I received the SIMA Tool less than a month ago and have been using it every week since. I suffer from acne scarring and this has helped eliminate the visibility to my scars. I love it and can’t wait to try more Spa Science products. I am happy to be adding this tool to my regular skin routine!” - Spa Sciences Verified Customer


    How To Use 

    • Begin at the top of the cheekbone near the hairline, holding the blade back at a 45 degrees angle, and begin to gently glide the tool down towards the nose using short strokes.
    • Repeat this process on the chin, above the lips and forehead.
    • Do NOT use on eyelids, eyebrows, hairline, lips or sides of the nose. 
    • Do NOT go over any facial areas more than twice.
    • Use up to once a week for best results. 




    Extra Features 

    • SIMA is battery and cord free.
    • This device is USB rechargeable.
    • Travel friendly/ In-flight safety compliance.
    • Comes in 3 different colors: mint, white or pink (limited edition). 
    • 1 year limited warranty.

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