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Lets Get Real: Breast Cancer Effects 5% of Women Under 40 Years Old

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to give back to an organization we felt connected to. When we came across the Young Survival Coalition (YSC), we felt changed by organization because we were unaware about how many young women are changed by a breast cancer diagnosis. Although it is rare to find breast cancer in young adults, more than 250,000 living in the United States were diagnosed under 40 years old. The Young Survival Coalition was founded in the hopes of creating a support network for survivors, while also being a resource for those who want to raise awareness and get involved in change. Since the founding in 1998, this organization has exceeded all expectations. 

Looking over the pages of survivor stories on YSC, we were in motivated by how courageous these young women are. From young pregnant women diagnosed mid pregnancy, to loving wives and daughters, we wanted to be able to amplify their voices as much as possible. One story in particular we felt drawn to share, a young 21-year-old student named Brittany. I think we were shocked by how young she was, and saddened, because most women aren't getting a mammogram at the age of 21. In fact, you can't get one until the age of 25. Brittany shared the importance of regularly checking your boobs on your own because of this, “you are never too young to protect yourself... I hope that I can help other women to not let cancer defeat them.

Over the past 22 years, YSC strengthened the community, addressed the unique needs, amplified the voice and improved the quality of life of young adults affected by breast cancer, locally, nationally and internationally. Their continuous efforts for change and bringing hope to the community has inspired us to give back to them.  Spa Science is proud to be able to donate 10% of all proceeds from the Pink Power bundle and of any pink tool purchased to help Young Survivals Coalition’s mission. With hope, anything is possible.