Find Your Perfect Skincare Match!

Find Your Perfect Skincare Match!

 Spa Sciences is came up up with amazing ways to celebrate the your skin including our special edition sets. They said target your most wanted skin care needs in order for you to achieve beautiful, smooth, fresh looking skin. From your shaving favorites to the ultimate acne combatters, Spa Sciences has a variety of sets made just for you. Whether you are just looking for tools or a mixture of both skin care and devices, these sets are perfect gift for your best friend or sister.   

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Featured Sets:  

If  you are looking for a set to give you beautifully smooth and ultra shining skin from top to bottom, the ride and smooth set  is the match for you. This set includes spa sciences best sellers, NOVA and SIMA, and features your pedicure fairy god mother, NANO GLASS FOOT FILE. NOVA is our Sonic Cleansing Brush that will  leave your skin shining from the outside and leave you blemish free. SIMA is a once a week dermaplaning device that  leaves your face baby smooth. This set will let you deeply cleanse your skin, remove all peach fuzz, dead skin cells and callouses, leaving your shining from top to bottom.   

Target problem areas and your face including blocked pores, And hydration with the spa sciences Pore Perfect Set. This set will turn you’re skin blemish free while also soothing distress. MIO  is your best pal for extracting blackheads and dirt from each layer of skin with powerful microdermabrasion. After treatment, sooth your face with a NURI hydration mask for an added boost of TLC to your skincare routine. We love this set because NURI  has masks which are secretly compatible with the device, bringing the infusion to the next level. Masks are a fun way to relax after a long day and NURI’s thermal infuser makes it feel like you’ve brought the spa home.  


Say goodbye to acne and hello to beautifully refreshed skin with spa sciences Clear Skin Set. Start your new routine with Nova to properly cleanse each layer of your skin with sonic vibrations. To make sure your skin is extra protected and healthy, Nova‘s treated brush head with anti-microbial protection blocks 99.9% of bacteria. This helps properly stop acne from growing in its tracks. MIO is our favorite poor extracting microdermabrasion tool for acne prone skin. We love this device because it’s universal so those with mild breakouts can enjoy the perks of MIO as well. To make sure your skin is looking tits ultra-best, we chose to include our professional-grade acne hero CLARO.  




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