Why You Should Use the AIVA Dual-Tip Hair Removal Device

Why You Should Use the AIVA Dual-Tip Hair Removal Device


Did you know that over 90% of women spend time on hair removal?

That's a huge percentage. It also shows how important hair removal is to the average woman.

It's important for a reason. Confident women perform well in both their working and private lives. It's no wonder that women spend so much money on beauty products. Every woman wants to look her best.

But when it comes to the average hair removal device, not all products are created equal. Many hair removal solutions are costly, painful, and impractical.

What's the best solution to hair removal? Keep reading to learn about the most effective women's hair removal device on the market.

What You Should Know About Women's Facial Hair

Chin hair and peach fuzz are a pain. We all know it. They're irritatingly obvious and makeup just can't seem to cover them up. But why does it happen? 

Hair growth happens mostly because of androgen hormones such as testosterone and DHEA. You probably recognize testosterone as the "man's hormone," and you would be right. Men have more testosterone than women.

That's also why men naturally tend to grow more hair than women. In particular, it's the reason why men grow facial hair.

Testosterone produces a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which sends signals to hair follicles on the face. That's why facial hair grows.

The follicles on women's faces don't respond as well to DHT. Additionally, they don't produce as much testosterone. Therefore women don't naturally grow much facial hair. 

When women produce too much facial hair, it's a condition known as hirsutism. Hirsutism results from an excess of DHT and hormones that are normally present in a man's body. 

Hirsutism is far more common in older women. That means that older women are more likely to suffer from excess hair on the chin, upper lip, and other places.

Whether you're growing too much facial hair or you just want to make sure the skin on your face is baby smooth, you need a hair removal solution.

Unfortunately, not every solution is the right one.

The Problem with Most Hair Removal Solutions 

Here's the problem. Many hair removal devices and methods have serious problems associated with them. These problems include too much time, too much money, and impracticality.

Here are the most common solutions, along with their downfalls.


To remove hair with tweezers, you use a small metal set of tweezers and pluck hairs out individually.

This method might be cheap, but it's also time-consuming and painful. It can also lead to infections and ingrown hairs. Overall, it's not a practical long-term solution.


In this method, a professional covers your skin with hot wax and strips of cloth. Once the wax is dry, you'll pull off the cloth and remove the hair. 

Once again, this method is painful. It can also result in rashes, bumps, and even infections. Plus, regularly hiring a professional every time you need to remove facial hair is expensive.


You can shave with either a razor or an electric shaver. Shaving is probably the most common solution to facial hair problems, but it's also difficult and time-consuming.

Besides, you'll need to replace your razor frequently. This makes it a short-term solution at best.


Some professional procedures can help to remove hair.

For example, laser hair removal leads to relatively permanent hair removal. It works with laser beams that destroy the hair roots. 

It's also super expensive. Plus, it doesn't work well on light hair. There can also be bad side effects like scarring.

Electrolysis is another procedure that destroys roots using electricity. This procedure takes a long time, and it can also lead to scarring. It's also very expensive.

Creams and Lotions

Certain kinds of cream can destroy the proteins that build hair. But they're pretty expensive, and you have to keep buying new cream as long as you want to keep removing facial hair. 

Commercial Hair Removal Devices

You can get a commercial device if you want a hair removal device at home. The trouble with almost every device on the market is that they either trim eyebrows or remove facial hair, but not both.

Even the devices that have both functions are difficult to use. That's because they make you carry around an extra tip to switch between functions.

The Best Hair Removal Device

Luckily, there's one facial hair removal device that solves all these problems: AIVA, a dual facial hair remover and eyebrow trimmer.

This product both removes facial hair and trims eyebrows. It does this with patent-pending technology that has a facial hair remover on one end and an eyebrow trimmer on the other end. 

Both ends have LED lighting, making it easier than ever to remove hair carefully and precisely. 

Additionally, it's rechargeable with an included USB cord. It's also small enough to take with you wherever you go. 

The device also includes a two-year warranty, so long-term facial hair removal is guaranteed at a one-time cost, unlike expensive procedures and market beauty products.

The best part is that both tips are attached to the device. Unlike other products, you won't need to carry an extra tip around with you!

Go AIVA and Never Look Back

After removing facial hair with AIVA, you'll never need another hair removal device. You're good to go!

After you've achieved that baby-soft glow, you'll need to make sure you have the right cleanser and moisturizer. Be sure to check out our Spa Sciences daily cleanser for your brand-new, hair-free skin!

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