About Us


Science Based ● Clinically Validated ● Dermatologist Recommended

AtSpa Sciences, it is our belief that people should have happy-healthy, radiant skin without spending hundreds of dollars for great skincare. 

As an American-based innovator and distributor both online and with local retailers, we are proud to offer our customers the ability to “bring the spa home with you” through the advanced technology of our beauty devices.

Spa Sciences consist of a diverse team of skincare experts, including scientists, engineers, designers, and beauticians. We are committed to providing clinically effective, safe and affordable beauty devices for your home use.

Our technology will help you obtain the results you want from your makeup and skincare product applications.  We take pride in our assortment of clinically-tested beauty devices that combine science-based treatments with a spa luxury experience. 

Get your glow on with Spa Sciences and feel the inspiration from taking your skincare to the next level.