5 Gift Ideas For Friends Who Have Everything

5 Gift Ideas For Friends Who Have Everything

It's always time to start thinking about the perfect care packages for friends and family for 2022. But this task of giving the ultimate present to friends can be harder than it seems. Especially when you feel that your friend has enough stuff to last her a lifetime. Whether it is big or small, a gift is always meaningful and appreciated. Here is Spa Sciences list of 7 gift ideas for friends who might have everything they want but not need.  



  1. ECHO 

For your friends who are makeup obsessed, we have the product for you! ECHO is a revolutionary makeup brush that uses sonic vibrations for a flawless finish. For those who consider this just an ordinary makeup brush, this is nothing of the sort. The interlocking pattern on the brush head fills up facial flaws, reduces fine lines, enlarged pores, covers scars and uneven texture for a perfectly blended, streak-free, flawless-looking finish. Make sure you give this to a friend in private so no one gets jealous!  


  1. NURI 

NURI is a Spa Sciences’ bestseller for a reason. This product is so unique and truly transforms your skincare products. NURI is an LED Thermal Smart Facial Skincare & Mask Infuser that combines the power of 4 technologies in ONE device. We love how this product has 4 different colors to help you properly choose the problem area you want to target. Whether you are looking to target anti-aging, acne, brightening, for skin damage, NURI has it all in one. Plus this device also has compatible masks! Trust me, your friends will be thanking you on spa nights with the girls. 


  1. LELA 

How many of your friends have a 2-in-1 skincare product that extracts your pores AND infuses your serums?! Probably not too many, until now. LELA is a great product to give to a friend who loves versatility. The spatula gently removes dirt and oil from your pores, while the ion technology infuses, lifts, and tightens your skin. It is perfect for traveling because it has 2 products in 1 device so you do not have to worry about excessive packing, plus the results are AMAZING! LELA comes in 2 beautiful hues: light pink and mint. 



We have never been so excited about a facial mister until now! Spa Sciences’ NANO MISTER is your tech-friendly skincare BFF. This innovative skin mister is at the top of our list for best skincare gifts. It is rechargeable so no need to keep running to the store for products. Have any friends or family with eyelash extensions? This is the product for them! NANO MISTER gently cleanses eyelash extensions and helps retain their quality and lifespan. We love using the NANO MISTER to quench dry skin on hot days and relieve pain from sunburn. Don’t forget to pack this on your next trip away.  


  1. SORA 

Looking for a new way to combat fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and pore size? SORA is on the top of my Wishlist for skincare devices this year (and your friends too). Micro and Nano Needling has  positive effect in reducing aging, this is why SORA is your ultimate anti-aging BFF. Not only is this needling pen great for anti-aging, but both treatments help to improve skin tone and texture. This 3-speed rechargeable needling pen provides the highest quality treatment with 8000-22000+ movements per minute! This one of a gift will blow your “I have it all” friends away. 

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