Cleanse With Confidence: Adding Sonic Facial Cleansing To Your Daily Routine

Cleanse With Confidence: Adding Sonic Facial Cleansing To Your Daily Routine


Washing your face with just your hands? Your skin deserves better than that!

Did you know that sonic skin cleansing is 7x better than manually cleansing? This form of cleansing leaves your face free from oil, dirt and makeup while giving your skin a smoother and brighter complexion. Spa Sciences NOVA Antimicrobial Sonic Cleansing System is a rechargeable sonic cleansing brush featuring patented antimicrobial protection and sonic technology, providing the highest level of technology for cleansing and exfoliating. 

Spa Sciences Antimicrobial Sonic Cleansing System --  NOVA

The NOVA’s brush bristles move at the sonic speed of approximately 300 times per second and 18,000 times a minute! This sonic movement thoroughly cleanses the pores while also brushing away dead skin. The brush heads include a patented fresh brush protection, guarding them from 99%+ odor and stain causing bacteria. This device is perfect for all skin types and after just 14 days of use, 100% of NOVA testers reported their skin looking softer, cleaner and more youthful. Wow.

Spa Sciences NOVA has an incredible active brush head, where all 32,000 bristles oscillate sonically, ensuring that you won't miss those hard to reach spots. According to dermatologists, properly exfoliating and cleansing your facial skin is the most critical in any skincare routine. 

The Benefits

Sonic cleansing technology is far better for your skin than traditional cleansing. The sonic vibrations in the NOVA cleanse and exfoliate without interrupting the skin's natural cycle. The brush gets rid of the dead skin cells quicker than normal everyday cleansing, causing the skin to look tighter and more youthful. The NOVA features an automatic cleansing timer which alerts you every 20 seconds to move to the next area, guaranteeing that you won't miss a spot. 

It is also good to use sonic facial cleansing if you have acne prone skin. The NOVA exfoliates your skin effectively. Any skin products applied to your face after washing is absorbed easier into the skin, clearing up your acne faster. Nearly 100% of customers reported a reduction in pore-congestion after using NOVA.



 Absolutely love this product! My skin has never felt so good!” said Dani, Spa Sciences customer. “Now it’s a part of my daily skin care routine and I honestly can't imagine life without it!”

The Facts

  • NOVA features 3 speed settings for your personal preference.
  • Has a 2 hour maximum running battery with a rechargeable USB.
  • Multi-benefit technology which allows a 2-in-1 process to cleanse and exfoliate your skin in one easy step. 
  • Travel friendly and easy to bring on the go. 
  • The device is 100% waterproof. 
  • Has a 1 year limited warranty.
  • Comes in the color of your choice: mint, pink or white. 
  • With NOVA being dermatologist recommended, you can cleanse your face with 100% confidence. 
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Featured on Good Morning America’s “Deals and Steals on beauty and bling”. 



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