The Breakdown Of Triple Clinical Infusion Technology

The Breakdown Of Triple Clinical Infusion Technology


Did you know that the expensive serums and creams you apply everyday with your fingertips are actually likely to be wasted because the product is largely being absorbed into your fingertips? I bet you don’t think about that during your skincare routine, do you? It’s okay, you’re not alone!. You can now bring the spa home and change your skin routine with Spa Science’s AERO Advanced Skincare Infusion System. 

Anti-Aging With The AERO 

The AERO has 3 anti-aging technologies in 1 for better and faster results that last. The combination of sonic, ionic and thermal infusion enhances the performance of any skincare products for better absorption into the skin. The AERO is Dermatologist Approved and is Clinically Proven to be 7 times more effective at absorption compared to applying products with your fingers. Adding the AERO into your skin routine will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating, toning and brightening the skin. Let’s break it down. 

 The 3 Anti-Aging Technologies

Ionic Infusion- This is when negative electrons form a circuit and attract positive charged skin care ingredients to seep deep into the Epidermis for increased absorption which results in healthy, hydrated and younger looking skin.

Thermal Warming- Warming up to 107 degrees, the temperature of the AERO temporarily creates thermal-pore-dilation to maximize the absorption.

Pores that are dilated can utilize treatment creams and serums better than non-dilated pores. 

Sonic Movements- There are 30,000 sonic movements every minute being created by the AERO, which provides superior absorption of skin care products while stimulating collagen production.

Sonic movements tap in at a higher frequency than hands could ever achieve.

This provides an enjoyable massage which stimulates the skin lying dormant for a renewed youthful look.

“Not only was this super effective but I saw immediate results and have been using it every night with my skincare routine and I cannot get enough! I love seeing the results that it gives me!”  -Spa Sciences Verified Customer 

Clinical Test Results 

In 2017 an independent clinical study was conducted to evaluate the benefits of applying a serum with AERO’s technology verses finger tips. The below chart shows results. 

Directions & Additional Features

You can use the AERO once or twice daily depending on your skin's needs. First, apply a small amount of cream or moisturizer to the treatment head. Then the head of the AERO will automatically turn on when it makes contact with your skin. Begin using the AERO by making circular motions as you glide it around the face and neck. Once you're done, wipe the treatment head with a towel or cloth to remove any excess product. 

The AERO has the following features: 


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