Why you should keep your favorite beauty products COOL!

Why you should keep your favorite beauty products COOL!

COOL Beauty Fridge

As more beauty brands turn their eye to more natural skin care products without preservatives or chemical additives, which are often produced in smaller batches, it has become imperative to keep these products in a dark refrigerated environment. 

The simple and innocent act of leaving your products on the bathroom counter or in your cabinet may really be hindering the benefits you are seeking in your products. Fluctuations for your skin care products from the temperature of your bathroom changing when you shower, to the sun warming the room you may have your fridge in, to changing the thermostat in your home can adversely affect the staying power and active abilities your products can offer you over time. These are things that many of us never even think of!

Keeping your favorite products in your COOL Fridge can help to:

  •  Improve their efficacy
  •  Improve their shelf life
  •  Ward off bacteria
  •  Improve the active abilities of your products
  •  Aid in improving skin tightening
  •  Reduce puffiness & improve circulation
  •  Calm over-firing nerves that cause skin irritation
  •  Provide that wonderful cool fresh feeling that comes with putting on chilled facial  products. 
  •  Separate your beauty products from food in your regular fridge
  •  Feel so damn good!

The products that are most often preferred chilled are products that:

  • Contain any Vitamin C
  • Eye cream
  • Aloe
  • Gels
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Anti-Itch Cream
  • Anti-Acne Products
  • Liquid Eye Makeup
  • Lip Stick
  • Mascara
  • Sunscreen
  • Ampoules
  • Hand & Foot Creams
  • Nail Polish
  • Face masks
  • Fragrances/Perfume
  • Facial mists & Sprays
  • Water-Based Products
  • Essential oils

Natural and food based products have a higher tendency to become a nasty breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and keeping your products in a cooled place really helps to deter bacterial growth!

Another great addition to the COOL way of life are facial rollers like our ISLA. Facial rollers are used to give your skin a tighter, firmer and more sculpted look overall to provide that at home spa treatment you are constantly searching for. Rollers also aid in boosting lymphatic drainage and bringing more blood circulation to the skin's surface. Placing your roller treatment globes in your COOL Fridge feels amazing when used in your morning and evening beauty care routines. 

It is important to point out that beauty items such as makeup, balms, silicone based products, and products containing waxes or oils in general may become harder within a cool environment. These specific products may even separate so it is a good idea to keep them out of your fridge. 

Feel the difference every day with the Spa Sciences COOL Fridge!

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